Here we find sites I visit regularly or find useful to keep a track of. This is primarily intended for my own use and comes with no recommendations or descriptions.

Sherman's Lagoon Dilbert Piled higher and deeper
Ananova The Register The Onion
Slash Dot Motley Fool Dave Barry
Tv Go Home Framley Examiner Random Slashdot
Emode Darwin Awards Nice news
h2g2 Lets Get It Off Cuthulu
Soda Play Bridge Builder Tachyon TV
The Brain Trust Amazon Dictionary
IMDb Yellow Pages Street Map
Up My Street Who Is Directory Enquiries
Download Big Bytez Anonymizer
GRC Security Check Wayback Machine
How Stuff Works Law Machine Friends Reunited
Lexical Freenet 5pm Thesaurus
Whole Mars Catalog Pantheon Writing
Model Languages Plots RPGnet
Olga Chords The Curry House
Chess Is Fun Origami Juggling
Nonogram Infiltration Monkey World
Klein Bottle B&Q Alphabet Street
Eco-sphere Play 247 Good Book Guide
Edinburgh Bicycle Quicks Highland Games
Ikea Colin Prior Strathclyde Archery
iO Just The Name Monitor Monkeys
Easily BT internet Ezboard
Yahoo Mail Railtrack Go By Coach
The Train Line Disaster Area Lord of the Moon
Joy Degreelessness Warren Software
Mad Elf Canaan Stephen Brooks
Ultralounge Rosauro Aala Edinburgh Festivals
Adobe Acrobat Audio Galaxy
Ghostview Yahoo Messenger Winamp
Copernic HTML-Kit Doxygen
Zonealarm Jabber Cdex
Programmer's Heaven The Free Country WWW Consortium
Paul Bourke Chris Hecker Java Doc
Faqsys flipCode Free Languages
Geometry Formulas Geometry in Action Geometric Junkyard
Ziron Multimedia Algorithm Dictionary MOO home page
Game Dev Search Engine Game Spy Games Domain
Gamasutra Game Jobs
Amit's Programming Zooland The Game AI Page
ALife Bibliography Steering Behaviors History