Here we find sites I visit regularly or find useful to keep a track of. This is primarily intended for my own use and comes with no recommendations or descriptions.

Slash Dot
The Register
Sherman's Lagoon Dilbert BBC
The Onion Dave Barry
Tachyon TV Tv Go Home
Python Amazon IMDb
Ruby Dictionary Who Is
Coco Yellow Pages Multimap
Lua Up My Street Wayback Machine
Play 247 CD Wow Monitor Monkeys
HMV Argos BT internet
Ikea B&Q Just The Name
Dabs Maplin Yahoo Mail
EBay Toy East Railtrack
Pricerunner Quiet PC Go By Coach
Edinburgh Bicycle The Train Line
RPGnet Download Winamp
Model Languages HTML-Kit Cdex
Plots Ghostview Yahoo Messenger
Chess Is Fun Zonealarm Adobe Acrobat
Origami Open Office
Juggling Silent PC Review Hacker's Diet
Olga GRC Security Check
Chords Edinburgh Festivals Monkey World
Colours Gamasutra Hot or Not